Get 90+ PageSpeed Scores & Skyrocket Your Traffic

One of the biggest "quick fixes" in the SEO world is by fixing your load times. That's because Google has put a major emphasis on page speed as of Summer 2021. Unlike traditional content marketing and SEO strategies, dramatic pagespeed improvements can literally lead to an overnight traffic increase.


Core Web Vitals is Now a Major Search Ranking Factor

Site speed optmization is no longer a nice thing to have, it's mandatory if you want Google to still favor your website. If no one else in your niche has high Core Web Vitals / page speed scores, then it's an opportunity for you to stand out. Soon though, you'll need these scores optimized just to compete.
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How We Fix Your Website's Speed

First, we'll take a backup of the entire website just to be safe. Then, some of the major focus points for us are: optimize caching, image crunching, lazy loading of different elements, html/css cleanup and minimization, javascript optimization, plugin updates, website/theme improvements, reduce http(s) requests, removal of unused code, CDN setup and/or configuration, and our hosting recommendation to maximize site speed
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What's needed of me?

Upon receipt of payment, all we'll need is admin user to your site's backend and to your hosting account. We'll have everything we need at that point.

Is this a one-time service or is it ongoing?

No recurring fees, this is a one-time service. We are able to go in and update your website to optimize your pagespeed. Over time, you may add plugins and things that slow down the website. This is why we recommend migrating hosting to us to maximize page speed load times AND get up to 1 hour each month of pagespeed optimization as needed as well as a premium Workado web app subscription for ongoing monitoring of your pagespeed (+ identify content decay issues), but this is optional.

What results can I expect?

We always shoot for 90+ scores. This assumes your website is WordPress and hosted on our hosting solution (or a comparable fast hosting provider) or a dedicated WordPress hosting solution. If you are a non-WP site, we can still optimize your site, but scores will be limited by restrictions put forth by the third party platform you are on. We have seen jumps from 10-20% in traffic for fairly well optimized sites already, to 2x traffic in 30 days for sites that are currently less optimized.

What if you can't increase my pagespeed scores?

If we aren't able to increase your pagespeed scores, we'll refund your money with our money back guarantee.

Do you work only with WordPress?

Although we focus on WordPress, we can actually increase pagespeed scores across all kinds of websites. If it's on a third party platform such as Shopify or BigCommerce, your scores will be limited by their platform, but we'll do everything we can to give you the most optimized site possible.

I already have good scores, can you still help me optimize things further?

If your scores are already in the upper 80's to low 90's, we will not work with you unless you are willing to waive the money back guarantee clause. The gains from a 91 to a 97 are not really worth it compared to gains from a 62 to a 91 for example.

How long will this take?

Your website will be fixed in the order it is received. Some sites can take as little as 4 hours to fix and some can be 30+ hours. Currently, we are shooting for 48 to 72 hours from when you pay to completion, but there are some things out of our control. For example, you need to give us the access we need (admin access to your site's backend + hosting access). We'll be in touch throughout the process to keep you informed. You can then delete our account when we're finished.

Do you have a guarantee?

Absolutely. If we aren't able to improve your pagespeed load times/scores, we'll issue a 100% refund.

How much does this cost?

Some sites are very easy to optimize, some are much more difficult. So we look at a number of factors and prepare a custom proposal for you. It's safe to assume it will be in the $2,500 to $5,000 range, but we'll give you a specific number when you request a quote.

I'm an agency, can I resell this?

Not only is the web app going to allow you to whitelabel things, but when a request is made to increase pagespeed scores from within your web app version, you will be notified and can then have us do the work and you'll get all the credit :D Additionally, you'll be able to refer clients to us directly and receive $250 when they have us fix their website's page speed.

Fix My PageSpeed

Simply click the "Request a Quote" button below and fill out the simple details. We'll review your site, let you know if we can help, and let you know the cost.