Finally, You Can Manage Your Recurring Marketing Campaigns

Built specifically for digital marketing agencies that charge monthly retainers

Project Management for Marketers

How Workado Can Help Your Agency

Workado gives your team a centralized location to manage your agency's operations.

Organized by Month

Marketing campaigns aren't one-off projects. In Workado your campaigns are organized in monthly blocks, not as one big project.

This allows you to schedule sets of different tasks for different months.

Don't just create a task that says "write blog post". Instead create separate tasks for brainstorming, research, outlining, writing, editing, finding images, etc. This helps you demonstrate more value to your clients.

(Screenshot of Workado's Interface)

Increases Client Lifetime Value

At the beginning of every month, you can choose to send clients a report that documents what you and your team did for them the previous month.

This keeps clients informed about what they are paying you for every month. One agency using Workado has told us they've seen a 30% increase in renewals.

Clients appreciate just being in the loop. By having all of your tasks broken down to their smallest form, they will find more value in your services.

(Email report that is sent to your clients)

Service More Clients

Utilizing monthly task templates allows you to quickly setup new campaigns and focus on what needs to be done.

For example, you might have a template setup for all of your onboarding processes. Then a separate template setup for your various workflows.

You can load multiple templates into a month, so create several templates for each of your workflows (local, blog creation, blog promotion, social etc).

(Screenshot of Workado's Interface)

Work from Anywhere

Your entire team will be in the know whether you work in an office shoulder to shoulder, your team is fully remote, or somewhere in between.

At-a-glance campaign progress bars, real time updates, campaign notifications, and notes allows everyone to know what's going on without the need for interruptions.

You can designate a team member as Employees (which has full use of the system aside from billing details) or as Contractors (who only see campaigns with tasks assigned to them).

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