We’ve Launched! Here’s What Marketers Can Do in Workado

Nearly a year after we decided to make Workado a tool for other marketing agencies, I am happy to say we have finally opened the doors!

Visit www.workado.com to learn more.

I am personally excited about where we take this tool because I feel it helps to solve one of the biggest problems facing the digital marketing industry – transparency.

The perception of digital marketers is that of a shady bunch. One of the benefits of using Workado, is the reporting that gets sent to clients showing them exactly what was done for their campaigns. This lets your clients know what you’ve worked on and they won’t have to question why they’re sending you a check every month.

campaign activity digest email


The beautiful thing is, this is just a byproduct benefit of using the system. No extra work is required of you for this, as Workado handles this automatically (of course you can turn off reporting though)!

The real benefit to you as a marketing team will obviously be the ability to remain organized.

You just add your team, load up your clients, create the necessary tasks, and then get to work.

Over the course of the month you’ll be able to quickly check out the status of all campaigns at a glance using the campaign list. The progress bar behind each campaign name will let you know if you are right on pace, behind, or ahead of schedule.

marketing campaign progress bars

Going forward – we are planning to take feedback from our customers in order to continue to improve the product and make it everything our customers need in order to power their operations.

In addition, we have several plans in the works to help our customers grow their client base by giving them strategies to generate leads, service more customers, and ultimately generate more revenue.

After all, the bigger you grow the more dependent you will be on having a system like Workado in place!

Visit www.workado.com to learn more about how Workado can power your agency, keep your team more productive, and allow you to service more customers by being more efficient.

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