How We Used Workado at Our Digital Marketing Agency

In 2008 I started and ran my digital marketing “consultancy” from a spare bedroom.

Basically, I took on some web development projects as I could and I started to get into this whole SEO thing. I liked the idea of recurring revenue.

Gradually, I started to find new leads. I found myself needing to bring on some help in order to continue to grow, while also continuing to service clients.

A year into it, my little business grew to 3 of us and we had a small office in downtown Phoenix.

I was spending more of my time managing and learning sales strategies on top of overseeing the actual operation.

Luckily, there were plenty of options to manage the sales side of things. I could log in and see where we were with leads, who needed to be followed up with, etc.

Unfortunately, I had no idea what was happening with the actual servicing of our clients. Clients would call in with questions and I didn’t have answers.

I wasn’t sure if things were actually getting done or not, despite the fact that I had a good team. It was basically on them to remember everything.

We found Dropbox and started using a shared Excel file to track as things got completed.

This helped, although only for a little bit.

SEO started to evolve. It wasn’t about directory submissions anymore.

Now content was becoming a factor and social media had become mainstream.

We needed to start bringing in some specialized help (freelancers) on certain clients. We didn’t feel comfortable letting people on the outside have access to our main excel file.

In addition, as we started to grow, customer service started to become more and more of a need for our little business.

We would get customers calling with questions or wanting to meet. We would have some clients that didn’t understand what we were doing for them every month.

So I decided to invest in building out a tool we called the “Work Wall”, which would be a project management system, but for our marketing campaigns. It would also automatically send reports to clients at the beginning of the month showing clients what we did for them the previous 30 days.

I felt it would knock out two birds with one stone (limit our customer service needs and organize our team).

I was right.

We became so dependent on our little tool in a quick amount of time. It allowed us to bring in more clients, without needing to bring on more help because we were so much more efficient and systematic.

The thing I liked the most? It allowed us to stand out by being transparent about what went into client campaigns and what we were doing for our monthly check.

This became a sales tool for us and helped us land deals because no one else could show how organized they were or could truly represent the work being performed like we could.

After a few years of using the tool and updating it specifically to our needs, I decided I would have a system built out that would be available to other marketing agencies.

This system would be Workado. It took months of planning and many more months of development.

Workado is a tool that should be used every day by your team. It should be the central point of your whole operation.

Have a client meeting? Leave notes in the campaign for the rest of your team to see.

Get a new client signed up? Add them to Workado and load up your onboarding task template so your team can immediately get to work.

Not sure which campaign needs attention? Check the progress bar and start servicing those campaigns that are behind schedule.

Team unsure of what they should work on? Just log in and start working through the tasks that are assigned to them!

Because of the reporting, your clients stay in the loop with what you are working on for them. This leads to a more informed client, less questions about what you are doing for them, and ultimately a longer retainer.

That’s right, simply by using Workado’s reporting, you’ll see a higher customer lifetime value!

Workado is a system where you truly get more power and value out of it the more you use it.

You can request an invitation to Workado here.

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